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*dances then sits down*   
06:54am 13/09/2002
mood: bouncy
I keep sayin I dont need to dance but I do anyway, I talked to my girl anna *smiles* damn I aint spoke to her in how long but she did catch me up on alot of things

Chris: we need to catch up

Josh: ditto

Justin: well uh hi

Trace: you got alot of apoligizin to do

Joey: I miss my Joe bear

Lance: I wanna see those trippletes so my girls can play with your kids

Wade: miss ya hun

Pinka: call me

Brit: if you are around hit me up

Chrissy: hell you the same us moulin rouge chicks need to stick together

and last but not least, my husband, the love of my life the father of 3 of the most beautiful girls alive and one beautiful boy Alex James Mclean: you better go out tonight to a costume an makeup shop an get some vampire fangs *smiles* mamas feelin a lil kinky
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I is a bad bad mommy   
10:24pm 06/09/2002
mood: bored
yep I keep sayin Ima write in this thing an have yet to do so cause well I am so damn busy now, the girls are well moving....alot. The girls are talkin and their first words were mama, the second was da da, and the third (no thanks to their damn father) is futch, which if you dont know is the magic f word that I am not about to repeat in this journal *nods* hey this whole mommy deal is well kinda boring in a way I got no one to talk to so if you are like bored an desperate to like takl to me just call *sighs* I am always home *rolls eyes*

(ok in reality I got like aim names commin out the ass but if I am not on FuGurlCelebrity, I will definatly be on trickdaddykirk, cause yeah my character hasnt been gettin much attention *blushes*)
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an update   
01:14am 20/08/2002
mood: cheerful
*stands in the mirror in just my bra and panties staring at my once again growing tummy* I dont understand what some men find attractive about pregnant women....with Aj I honestly know its a fettish with him I mean he wont leave me alone *giggles* not that I mind at all but I got to be careful now if I am standing like in the nude or *looks at myself* well in my current state of dress he will just sneak up on me, but this isnt what this post is about *pouts* I really miss everyone and I wanna start talking to you more, speccaly you Toph since you are officaly my first friend here and you anna.....dadgum it I miss you too *peeks around the corner seeing alex* fuc....fudge here he comes...let me go get dressed
05:13am 10/08/2002
mood: giddy
so its the day after the party and yeah I am updatin kinda late but oh well, I MET SHAWN STOCKMAN FROM BOYZ 2 MEN *screams* he kissed my hand, and he *sighs* he called me a mamacita *sighs and grins*, but yeah me an alex did make up and made up on the front lawn of Chris and Joshies house *blushes and giggles* that was soo fun and it was great *grins* I still love my Alex, and happy birthday once again Josh I am glad you love the gift
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for Joshie.....   
04:53pm 08/08/2002
mood: creative
an this card is tellin the truth too

happy birthday
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seriously fuck this...   
01:44am 06/08/2002
mood: pissed off
ya'll fail to realize that I am stuck in the middle of this ol fucked up war, I get yelled at when the other does somethin completly stupid, oh no it doesnt matter if my daughter Kiara has yet to let me put her down in her own bed, dont matter if I'm not getting any sleep, and obviously dont matter if I am more hurt over this bullshit no of course it dont matter naw it doesnt so yeah I may or may not take a little trip AWAY, havent decided yet
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an anger unknown   
11:26pm 03/08/2002
mood: infuriated
look that whole fight thing yeah I saw it happening and I said I told Justin it was between him and alex and thats that, ONE I left the room before there where any guns drawn so yeah I didnt know that TWO when it comes to the welfare of MY CHILDREN I dont care who the hell it is you meant to harm her no matter what look, ya'll can hate me if you want dont care but this is my family I am worried about mine not anyone elses not like you fuckers care but its mine all I got anymore *tears up* but hey who listens to dear old sweet innocent me
I am SORRY   
04:14pm 01/08/2002
mood: cynical
I know what happened I know what I did it was stupid completly stupid, hey dont blame him if he hates me for the rest of his life, but Alex you know I DO love you more than anything and I WILL always do anything for you, look I dont ask for forgiveness but I do ask that you dont push me away, but seeing as you might do that I mind as well be prepared
*giggles* FINALY   
07:08am 23/07/2002
mood: loved
yay *blushes* the girls are finaly here, took them long enough *giggles* for a while I thought it would be another months worth of waiting but yeah they made it....first off theres Alexandra Jamie Mclean (you laugh Kirkpatrick you are so goin down) Leah Michelle Mclean, and Kiara Alana Mclean. three of the most beautiful girls ever (hey I am bias they are Mclean girls) and they all look like a mixture of both of us *giggleS* I feel so lucky that I have Alex around, he's gonna make the perfect father and his little princesses are gonna love him as much as his queen does *yawns and grins* I love you so much Alex and I am sorry for yelling out I hate you like that I honestly dont....it was the anger and the pain *sniffles* baby I really do love you so much
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*pouts and winces*   
08:18am 17/07/2002
mood: bored
Mya dont do bed rest she just out an out dont....only reason why is cause of the fact, I cant move, if I cant move,cant cook, if I cant cook I get BORED I dont LIKE being bored Alex found that out real quick when he handed me a silly magazine WHICH happened to be a tabloid....oh yeah which happened to have a nice lil blurb about me and him at the fuckin grocery store *thinks* now that I honestly think about it I look like a cow in that picture...but thats beside the point the point is Mya dont like bein bored and she needs some amusement *pouts*
I am so so sorry Chris   
12:30pm 11/07/2002
mood: guilty
this is to Toph...

hun I am sorry for what happened I just found out and I feel like shit cause I didnt know and I am sorry I wasnt there, I just wish there was a way I could make it up to you
they moved....   
09:56am 08/07/2002
mood: loved
yes they moved, Alexandria, Leah, and Kiara moved....Alex is always moving to the left and kicks me really really hard, then Leah whos always to my right and closest to the side that AJ sleeps on in bed, then there Kiara who is pretty non movable, she just kinda chills there Alex says that shes got the comfortable spot its cute really, Alex is lovin all of this, like we have most of the kids clothes and everything. the girls bedroom is like completly done *giggles and smiles* now all I need to do is plan for the wedding
maybe I am too nice   
07:24am 04/07/2002
mood: angry but horny
welp, Justin called yesterday but I was asleep so being the kind chick that I am I called him back, and I did try to explain to him the reason why I was angry with him....boy totaly bypassed it and ignored it, which leads me to I went out with my friends and *giggles* Alex baby you would have creamed your pants so much tonight at what your woman did *smiles* but your surprise come...er cums tonight baby *blows you a kiss* I just hope you are ready
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why does this have to be so true about me *whines*   
04:25am 04/07/2002
mood: angry

Are you NASTY or NICE?

Quiz made by Angela

ugh and funny how it BLOWS UP IN MY FACE!!!!!
so sick of men   
05:24am 03/07/2002
mood: depressed
why and what is it with the men around here, the first HINT of responsiblity you either flip , run or just go dumb all of a sudden, dont know maybe its just me or maybe its just the fact I have the feeling Alex cant deal with me anymore or, just how Joe's acting or just the fact that Justin is acting just as my father did I DONT KNOW *sniffles and holds back a sob as not to cry* I think, you know what I AM going to bed I'm feeling even SICKER than I did last night
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03:19am 03/07/2002
mood: embarrassed
Chris is my ideal NSYNC sex partner

who's yours? find out here

unnecessary quiz by mmmmmriley

uhm well *blushes* yeah
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I feel like a bad person but then I dont   
05:26am 02/07/2002
mood: sad
*sighs* its a wonder what anger can do to someone, yeah I went to the wedding, it was so beautiful *frowns* till Justin started acting a fool I mean he actualy checked his voice mail durring the ceremony....chris took the phone away but it just pissed me off how he acted. I understand hes upset about Anna marryin Joe, of all things he should be happy but still after the whole shenannigans, and me walking home, I called Alex letting him know I was ok, then calling Justin, almost ripping him a whole new body god it was like what happened to my mother and father all over again the more I talked to him the more it hurt and the more I got angry and I just went off every thing I felt everything came out in that phone call, then he hung up on me and I felt like shit, but then in honesty I didnt I dont know what it was that came out of me but it was like it had to come out *snifles tearing up* look I am going to bed I am stressed out and tired and sick now
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*makes a face*   
11:02pm 30/06/2002
mood: sick
yeah I know i seem pretty bitchy this week, well I'm preggers so my moods all screwed up, and if it seems like I am sick, well thats addition to it I havent been able to keep anything down hardly this week, even what alex trie...er cooked for me (sweetheart yes he is) came right back up, not that you people needed to know this.....or care, yeah ya know what I am so goin back to bed I just wanna hide from the world
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11:37am 29/06/2002
mood: sick
I feel like crap, I mean super crappy I threw up twice this morning and well havent stopped, I havent told alex yet, and dont plan on doing so last thing I need is him worried about me *sighs* god now I feel I dont want anyone worried about me *sighs* I'm goin to bed
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ugh I need sleep   
06:26pm 25/06/2002
mood: frustrated
I cant sleep theres just way too much goin on in my head, so many worries, and so much stress *sighs and looks up at the ceiling* my mom called today and well, she heard who I was with and she kinda, fuck that she did freak out I mean to an extent that she actualy told me I should just break up with him, he doesnt love me hes just saying so to get what he wants and leaves (little does she know we did what she thinks we did, but I aint tellin her) and I should find a nice boy, and I definatly aint gettin into that cause she said it should have been Justin *rolls eyes* isnt THAT something
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